Historical Performance

DKAM Capital Ideas Trust LP

The DKAM Capital Ideas Trust LP has been closed since November 30, 2018 but has been re-opened as of May 1, 2019.

All figures based on lead series (series 1) and net of all fees, in Canadian dollars. Past performance not indicative of future results.

2013 4.99 2.01 1.01 3.92 -0.37 1.18 5.54 3.38 1.33 5.48 10.31 3.44 50.83
2014 1.22 3.85 -1.40 3.68 1.71 3.52 -0.20 2.91 0.55 1.27 2.25 1.19 22.43
2015 2.35 6.22 3.45 0.17 0.47 0.25 1.91 -4.17 -7.03 -5.73 5.82 1.22 4.02
2016 -8.77 0.68 -1.30 1.48 2.56 -4.16 1.94 -0.47 2.49 2.01 2.71 -0.25 -1.72
2017 2.35 1.70 4.15 -0.19 0.18 -3.63 -2.83 -0.76 2.16 2.92 2.31 2.23 10.77
2018 -1.84 1.31 -0.93 -1.42 5.61 1.74 -0.56 2.49 -0.65 -6.74 1.98 0.49

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The S&P/TSX Composite Total Return Index ("the index") is similar to the DKAM Capital Ideas Fund LP ("the fund") in that both include publicly traded Canadian equities of various market capitalizations across several industries, and reflect both movements in the stock prices as well as reinvestment of dividend income. However, there are several differences between the fund and the index, as the fund can invest both long and short, can utilize leverage, can take concentrated positions in single equities, and may invest in companies that have smaller market capitalizations then those that are included in the index. In addition, the index does not include any fees or expenses whereas the fund data presented is net of all fees and expenses. The source of the index data is S&P/Capital IQ.

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