annualized return since inception 17.78%*

*Time Weighted Rate of Return as of August 31, 2021, net of fees and expenses.

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Compounding Excellence

The dkam capital ideas fund lp

why invest with dkam?

Differentiated Portfolio

We are a Toronto based North American long-short equity fund with a small cap bias. We invest in great businesses and aim to achieve compounding long-term returns. We have extremely low overlap with major indices and believe our unique portfolio is part of the secret to our success.

Reasonable Valuations

We attempt to buy outstanding businesses at a reasonable price, rather than inferior businesses with low relative valuations. We evaluate businesses based on their expected future earnings.

High Returns On Equity

We believe return on equity is the best proxy for growth and so we seek out companies with recurring or growing ROEs of 20% or more. Typically, this also means that companies have a superior business or maintain a competitive advantage.

Outstanding Management Teams

We look for exceptional managers with real skin in the game. We especially like companies who are led by founders, experienced operators, and those who own substantial stakes in their business. We like it when a CEO’s interests are aligned with ours.

Our Philosophy

If you aren’t willing to own a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.

Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO Berkshire Hathaway

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